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What Is Hormone Replacement Therapy?

Your hormones play an enormous role in your overall health, governing a number of vital functions, from your metabolism to your libido and even how your body grows. Throughout your life, your hormones can become unbalanced, either due to outside factors, like stress, or simply as a result of getting older. Hormonal balances typically result in signs, like fatigue, low sex drive, sleeping troubles, and weight gain. At Main Street Medical Center & The Vue MediSpa, Dr. Josh and our team utilize bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) to optimize your hormones and allow you to achieve breakthroughs in your energy, libido, and focus. Connect with our wellness center and med spa in Crestview, FL to schedule an appointment.

What Is the BHRT Treatment Process?

After talking with you about your symptoms and conducting a health exam, Dr. Josh will construct your customized BHRT plan. To start your therapy, a blood panel along with other diagnostic testing will be executed to investigate your existing hormone numbers. This will help our team determine the level and form of treatment that could be best for you, as well as the hormones that are imbalanced. Your procedure may be adjusted based on the variant of BHRT that is decided upon. BHRT is often prescribed as either oral pills, little pellets that are introduced beneath your epidermis (pellet therapy), or injectables. These hormones are structurally identical to the body's naturally occurring hormones.

In this fast pace world it’s hard to find medical professionals that actually take the time to listen to their patients and take everything discussed into consideration to develop the appropriate plan of care for each individual patient. This center goes above and beyond to do this. They have truly brought back the hometown care.

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My family and I LOVE Mainstreet Medical! I have not met one doctor, nurse, or staff member that was not overly kind and caring. They have always been so good to get us in anytime we need them! From routine medical needs all the way to weight loss and being my healthiest self, Mainstreet Medical helps me on this crazy journey called life! Thank you Dr. Kolmetz and your amazing staff for all you do! Crestview is lucky to have you!

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Anna did a great job and friendly

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Dr Kolmetz is the best!! Love all the staff at MSMC

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Mainstreet medical and The Vue not only provide a variety of services but it’s also always quality and personalized care.

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We can't stop the aging process, but thanks to advances in medical care, we can help lessen concerns, like fatigue or mental fog, that often come with getting older. We invite you to book a consultation with Dr. Josh at Main Street Medical Center & The Vue MediSpa in Crestview, FL to hear more details about how bioidentical hormone replacement therapy could help you. As a highly customized therapy, BHRT will be adjusted to your specific aims so you can achieve relief from hormone imbalances and start feeling more refreshed. Contact our med spa in Crestview, FL today to get started.


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