Medical Services

Primary and Specialty Care

Main Street Medical Center offers a suite of primary and specialty care services to diagnose and treat health issues for men and women. Some of our offerings include:

  • Allergies: Includes diagnosing allergies and helping to manage symptoms
  • Endocrine: Includes screening, labs, and health monitoring for disorders caused by hormonal imbalances
  • Gastrointestinal (GI): Includes diagnosis, treatment, and management of conditions affecting digestion and the GI tract
  • Geriatric: Includes diagnosis, treatment, and management of health issues that tend to develop as individuals get older, like bone loss or incontinence
  • Infectious disease: Includes diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of certain infectious diseases, whether you are currently sick or at risk due to a preexisting condition
  • Diabetic Patient Management


An ultrasound is a modern imaging technique used to capture pictures of the internal organs using conductive gel and sound waves — no need for an incision. An ultrasound might be used by our providers to identify issues or diagnose the underlying cause for unexplained symptoms that are bothering you. At Main Street Medical Center, we can perform ultrasounds from the comfort of our office for maximum convenience.


Whether you are required to get one for an activity or simply want to check the state of your health, Main Street Medical Center conducts physicals to meet a range of different standards. Our Crestview, FL primary care office offers the following types of physical exams:

  • General
  • Department of Transportation
  • School
  • Sport
  • Employment

The details of your physical may vary according to why you're having it done, but common procedures include vaccinations (if needed), blood testing, and monitoring of various vital signs.


At Main Street Medical Center, we offer a variety of injections to protect or improve your health. All injections are carried out in the comfort and convenience of our office in Crestview, FL. The injections we offer include:

  • Adult immunizations: Includes immunizations for influenza, tetanus/diphtheria (Td), HPV, hepatitis A, and others
  • B12 shots: Delivers a boost of Vitamin B12 into your system, treating deficiencies that can lead to reduced brain function, lower energy, and bone loss
  • Prolia®: Helps slow bone deterioration caused by osteoporosis, lowering your risk of fractures
  • Evenity®: Formulated for women suffering from postmenopausal osteoporosis, this injection helps to build bone and slow the breakdown of bone tissue


As part of our commitment to offering high-level care in a comfortable, convenient setting, Main Street Medical Center is equipped to carry out several kinds of lab tests in-office. The lab tests we offer include:

  • Lipids: A lipid test (or lipid panel) measures the level of cholesterol and triglycerides present in your blood. These substances are known to clog the arteries and have been linked to conditions, like heart disease or stroke. A lipid panel might be used to assess your risk of heart problems or to measure the effectiveness of certain cardiovascular treatments.
  • A1C: An A1C test measures your average blood sugar over the past several months. A high A1C stat indicates a higher amount of sugar in the blood, which can increase your risk of health complications, like diabetes. This lab test might be ordered to evaluate your risk of prediabetes or type 1 or 2 diabetes. We may also perform an A1C lab to diagnose diabetes or monitor the progress of any diabetes treatment you're undergoing.
  • Liver profile: Also called a liver panel or liver function test, this lab takes multiple measurements to give a comprehensive picture of your liver's health. By measuring levels of bilirubin, albumin, and various other enzymes and proteins in your liver, our providers can diagnose any health concerns or see how treatments are affecting your well-being.
  • Complete Metabolic Panel (CMP)

Dermatology and Rheumatology

For patients living with medical conditions that affect the skin or cause inflammation in the body, we provide primary care treatments so you can live more comfortably. Main Street Medical Center offers the following dermatology and rheumatology treatments:

  • Skin lesion removal: There are a number of reasons why you may want to have a skin growth removed, but one of the most common is to reduce your risk of a lesion developing into cancer. Depending on the size and depth of the lesion, we may use a scalpel to remove the growth or treat it with a high-energy laser to precisely destroy the tissue.
  • Steroid joint/tendon injections: Swelling is a common occurrence in the joints and tendons and can cause discomfort or limit your ability to do simple things, like using a keyboard. To reduce pain and inflammation and restore your quality of life, we offer steroidal injections delivered directly to the affected areas. The injection also includes a local anesthetic to relieve your discomfort while the corticosteroid reduces the inflammation.

Chronic Care Services

If you are living with a long-term medical condition that impacts your ability to function or requires ongoing care, you might be a candidate for chronic care management at Main Street Medical Center. A few examples of these conditions include heart disease, arthritis, asthma, and diabetes, among others. A chronic care management plan at our practice typically includes regular check-ins, ongoing monitoring to track changes in your health, and management of any medications or treatments you're receiving. Together, these steps can make it possible for you to enjoy a higher standard of living regardless of your condition.

Weight Management

Excess weight raises chronic disease risks. Main Street Medical Center offers personalized weight management programs led by Dr. Josh. Get medical guidance, nutritional support, and explore product options. Contact us to jumpstart your journey to a healthier you!

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